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$40,000,000 JV Equity and $82,000,000 Non-Recourse Bridge Loan for Creative Office Campus Development

Equity Terms: Details shall remain confidential.
Debt Terms: Details shall remain confidential.

George Smith Partners negotiated and arranged $40,000,000 in JV Equity Financing and facilitated an additional $82,000,000 in Non-Recourse Bridge Financing for the repositioning and conversion of two adjacent historic buildings in Downtown Los Angeles into Class-A Creative Office spaces. At the time of closing, there was little to no pre-leasing of the 250,000 square feet of future office space. The century-old buildings will undergo a metamorphosis highlighting aspects of the original construction while simultaneously infusing modern design elements. The properties are strategically located at the border of the Fashion District and the Historic Core. Both areas are experiencing a remarkable transformation with considerable real-estate investment across asset classes.

George Smith Partners is uniquely positioned to advise on transactions of this nature; transactions requiring a consistent advisory team providing an “Outsourced-CFO Desk”. One of the two buildings was already well into the rehabilitation process, thus requiring an equity recapitalization of existing partners, adding further complexity to the transaction. The George Smith Partners team worked hand in hand with the Sponsor and JV Equity Partner to negotiate and structure a JV Equity Financing agreement providing mutually favorable terms while capitalizing an aggressive business plan.


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  • $3,000,000 Bridge to Permanent 5-year Loan for a Vacant Single Story 50,000 SF Warehouse; Western States

    August 4, 2021

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners successfully placed a $3,000,000 bridge to permanent loan to fund the purchase, tenant improvements, leasing commissions and carry (real estate taxes, insurance, and debt service) for a vacant 50,000 SF single-story warehouse. The deal presented a couple challenges; the Sponsor had credit issues and the building was 100% vacant. The strong sponsorship experience, low vacancy in the market and the building’s high-level of quality ameliorated these issues. Lastly, the transaction had to be completed within the tight time constraints of a 1031 exchange.

    Rate: 4.25% During Construction, Five-year Treasury + 3.25% During Term
    Term: 5 Years
    Amortization: 25 Year
    Prepayment: Term Period: 3%,2%,1%,0%

  • Cash-Out 2.94%, $12,025,000 Non-Recourse Permanent Refinance on a 100% Leased Discount-Grocer Anchored Shopping Center; Western States

    August 4, 2021

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners successfully placed $12,025,000 in non-recourse, cash-out permanent refinancing for a 101,096 square foot discount-grocer anchored retail shopping center in a transitory Pacific Southwest MSA. The tenant mix includes several national credit tenants along with local and regional stores, all of which remained in-place during COVID-19. GSP was able to identify a lender who understood the complexities of retail in a post COVID environment. The non-recourse permanent loan was sized to 65% of value, included 10-years of interest only payments at a fixed rate of 2.94% for 10 years. Lender fee is at par.

    Rate: 2.94%, Fixed
    Term: 10 years
    Amortization: Full-Term Interest Only
    LTV: 65%
    Lender Fee: Par
    Prepayment: Defeasance
    Guaranty: Non-recourse

  • $25,500,000 Bridge Financing for a 42k SF Landmark Retail Asset; Koreatown, Los Angeles

    August 4, 2021

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners successfully secured $25,500,000 in non-recourse bridge financing for a destination dining and retail center nestled in the heart of Los Angeles’ Koreatown. The 42,000 square foot property is one of Koreatown’s most trafficked retail centers and maintained stable collections throughout 2020. The recapitalization retired the existing debt and provided future funding for capital expenditures, tenant improvements and leasing expenses with no new equity required from the Sponsor.

    The Los Angeles-based sponsorship team acquired the Property in 2016, identifying the asset as a generational heirloom and a unique opportunity to create substantial value. Despite market volatility and COVID-19 related challenges in the retail sector, GSP was able to identify a lender with local knowledge and expertise that understood the importance of this asset within the context of the neighborhood, and the long-term viability of the business model.


    All Terms Confidential

  • $2,400,000 Cash-Out Refinance for a Neighborhood Strip Retail Center; North Hollywood, CA

    July 28, 2021

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners successfully arranged $2,400,000 of cash-out on a free and clear neighborhood retail center with an automotive related tenancy in North Hollywood, CA. The subject Property was inherited by a family member and part of the cash out proceeds were used to pay estate taxes with the remaining funds going to the Sponsor and building up a reserve account. GSP went to a variety of lenders and identified a capital provider who was comfortable with the tenant mix, cash-out component, and Sponsor’s real estate experience.

    Rate: 3.875% fixed for 5 years
    Term: 7 years
    Prepayment Penalty: 3,3,3,2,1
    Guaranty: Recourse

  • $2,600,000 Permanent Financing for 16-Unit, Multifamily Property; Los Angeles, CA

    July 28, 2021

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $2,600,000 in permanent financing (70% LTV) for the refinance of a 16-unit multifamily property located in Los Angeles, CA. The Sponsor engaged GSP to assist them with the replacement of their existing, expensive, highly leveraged, quick close bridge lender that GSP had arranged in April for the acquisition of this Property. The Sponsor’s plan for this value-add Property was to raise the value through strategic property enhancements that will increase rental revenue. GSP was able to provide the Sponsor with a 5-year floating rate with a floor of 3.85%. The loan structure allows the Sponsor to refinance out of an expensive loan and start to recoup additional cash flow to use for interior and exterior renovations. There is no prepayment with this replacement capital allowing the Sponsor to recapitalize once his business plan is realized. The prepayment flexibility will allow the Sponsor to cash-out refinance once they have implemented their value-add strategy. The renovation plan will improve the Property appearance and support the overall business plan of increasing market rents and value. Due to GSP’ strong-standing relationship with this Lender, this transaction closed within 35 days from signing the term sheet and met the Sponsor’s deadline.

    Rate: 3.85% (Prime +25bp – Floor 3.85)
    Term: 5 Years
    Amortization: 30 Years
    LTV: 70%
    DCR: 1.20
    Prepayment: None

  • $17,820,000 Cash Out Financing Fixed at 3.30% Interest-Only for Stabilized Multifamily Property; Phoenix, AZ

    July 28, 2021

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners secured $17,820,000 of permanent financing for the refinance of a 164-unit multifamily complex located in Mesa, AZ. The Property, which was originally built in 1979, recently completed a renovation project that included updating unit interiors and exterior amenities. The unit mix is comprised of 1-bedrooms (49%) and 2-bedrooms (51%). Amenities include a pool, an open pet area, and an on-site laundry facility. GSP was able to a secure a 7-year fixed rate of 3.30%. The financing is interest-only for the entire term and non-recourse to the Sponsor. Refinancing provided the Sponsor with a much lower rate and a significant return of equity. The loan is sized to 60% LTV and a 1.35x DCR.

    Rate: 3.30% Fixed
    Term: 7 Years
    Amortization: Full-Term Interest-Only
    LTV: 60%
    Prepayment: Yield Maintenance
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse