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About Us

Everyday Market Experience

Founded in Los Angeles, in 1992, George Smith Partners, Inc. (“GSP”) is a leading, national provider of capital market services to the commercial real estate industry. Our diverse and innovative structuring expertise, vast lender knowledge and relationships, and everyday market experience enable us to customize financing for properties ranging from $3 Million to $350 Million, including highly leveraged participating debt and joint venture equity.

George Smith Partners, Inc. places $3.5+ billion of debt annually, preferred equity/mezzanine sub-debt and joint venture equity through 200+ transactions.  The firm’s total financings have exceeded $58 billion dollars since the formation of George Smith Financial in 1979. More than 50 percent of the firm’s annual financings are from transactions in markets outside of California.

George Smith Partners Company Timeline


Our Principals

George Smith, the firm’s founder, passed away in late 2005, leaving the firm in the hands of his longtime co-Principals, Steve Bram, Gary E. Mozer, and Gary M. Tenzer.  In 2015, Jonathan Lee, Bryan Shaffer and Shahin Yazdi joined the team of Principals and in 2019 Antonio Hachem joined the group.

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