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  • Jonathan Lee on the City Speak Podcast


    August 6, 2020

    Jonathan Lee, Principal/Managing Director at George Smith Partners explains the impacts that the pandemic has had on real estate lending and the changes he foresees for the wider market as we emerge out of the pandemic.

    Click here to listen

  • Zack Streit on the Real Estate Executive Thought Leadership Podcast


    June 10, 2020

    Zachary Streit, Senior Vice President at George Smith Partners was a guest on the Real Estate Executive Thought Leadership podcast.

    He shares his story of getting started in commercial real estate finance and how he and his team are continuing to close deals despite the economic trend. Zack talks about COVID’s impact on the capital markets, what asset classes and geographies are most attractive, and how to nurture relationships with sponsors and capital partners.

    He also gets into professional development, managing stress, leadership, marketing strategy, and how to thrive in any market.


  • David Pascale Shares What’s Happening in the Market on the RealCrowd Podcast


    April 29, 2020

    David Pascale, Senior Vice President at George Smith Partners shares his thoughts on what is happening in the capital markets today.

    Some of the discussion topics include: the new environment, forbearance and the impact on investors, how lenders are changing their underwriting, key factors and metrics such as consumer demand and how property managers are helping their tenants.

    Click here to listen to the podcast.

  • Jonathan Lee on KNX News Radio


    January 20, 2020

    Frank Mottek interviews Jonathan Lee on Mottek on Money.



  • Bryan Shaffer Explains Capital Market Trends on the CRE Pro Network Podcast


    December 2, 2019

    Bryan Shaffer, Principal/Managing Director of George Smith Partners was a guest on the Commercial Real Estate Pro Network podcast with Darrin Gross.

    Click here to listen to the podcast or watch the YouTube video here.

    The discussion covers capital market trends where the commercial real estate market is headed.

    “Large commercial real estate projects come with tremendous risk. The borrower sees opportunity, while the lender sees the risk. If the lender does not feel comfortable with the borrower or the project, they will not finance the deal. An experienced finance professional has the needed relations with the various lending products. They can help the borrower explain their project to a prospective lender that will assure the lender of the projects upside, and set them at ease with the potential downside.”

  • David Pascale Gives a Real Estate Market Update on the RealCrowd Podcast


    September 10, 2019

    Click here to listen to David Pascale, Senior Vice President at George Smith Partners, as he gives a Real Estate Market Update on the RealCrowd Podcast.

    The discussion will cover: how the Fed Rate cut will effect LIBOR, Macro trends, Global impacts in the Capital Markets, why this is a favorable lending environment and what economists you should follow.

  • Shahin Yazdi Takes A Deep Dive Into the Art of the Capital Stack on the RealCrowd Podcast


    June 26, 2019

    Shahin Yazdi, Principal and Managing Director of George Smith Partners explains the capital stack and the various components: debt, equity, mezzanine, preferred, different pricing, different rates, different loan to values. He talks about what the goals are for the different parts of the capital stack, how to arrange each source of capital in a transaction, where the art comes into structuring a transaction, and what makes the right capital stack for a deal.

    Click here to listen to the podcast.
    Click here to read the transcript.

  • Zack Streit Explains Opportunity Zones on the Geraci Podcast


    May 2, 2019

    Zack Streit was a guest on the Opportunity Zone podcast with Kevin Kim of Geraci LLP. They give an overview of the impact OZ’s will have, the rules for capital gains after a 5,7 and 10 year hold, QOF fund structures and waterfall and JV best practices.

    Click here to listen and watch the podcast presentation.

  • Malcolm Davies Discusses Financing for New Hotel Development on the Lodging Leaders Podcast


    December 5, 2018

    Malcolm Davies, Principal/Managing Director of GSP is interviewed by Jon Albano for the Lodging Leaders Podcast. Malcolm shares advice on financing new hotel development, mistakes you want to avoid, types of hotels that lenders and investors are looking to get involved with and locations that are most desirable for lenders and investors.

    Click here to listen to the podcast.

  • Gary E. Mozer is a Guest on the Commercial Mortgage Alert Podcast


    November 29, 2018

    Gary E. Mozer, Principal/Co-Founder of George Smith Partners participated as a guest on the podcast, Capital Markets Today with Louis Amaya.  Gary talks about the advice he gives his best clients regarding mitigating risk and talks about his economic sentiment for 2019.

    Click here to listen to the show focused on Structured Debt/Equity CRE Financing.

    Louis Amaya: You had mentioned taking different types of risk. Do you see that as speculation in today’s market, as we maybe head into something that is at least a stabilization of the growth that we’ve been seeing?

    Gary E. Mozer: When interest rates increased so much in the last 12 to 18 months, you had a little bit of a dislocation in the marketplace because different people perceive different risks. Some people think there’s cycle risks. Some people think there’s product risks.  Different people underwrite and perceive the risks and price them differently. Some people say, “Oh, this retail deal, it’s retail so I don’t even want to do it.” Another guy says, “Oh, it’s retail and I’m concerned about it because it’s still retail.” Another guy says, “Oh, this is the right real estate with the right sponsor and the right market with the right business plan and we’ll price through the marketplace.” The inefficiencies in the marketplace is all about the perception of risks. Different people have different perceptions of risks. Some people said multifamily was the best product to be in. Some markets are being overbuilt and therefore the rent growth is slowing. The absorption is slowing. Multifamily is still a great product to be in, but you’re going to have to change your parameters of how you price and structure those risks.


  • Gary M. Tenzer is a Guest on the Trial Technology & Litigation Support Podcast


    October 23, 2018

    Gary M. Tenzer, Co-Founding Principal of GSP was a guest on the Trial Technology & Litigation Support Podcast.  Gary handles the litigation support practice for GSP; he has extensive experience as an expert witness having been retained in over 300 matters and testifying in over 100 cases nationwide.

    Click here to listen to the podcast.

    Click here to read the transcript from the podcast.

  • Evan Kinne is a Guest on the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast


    September 25, 2018

    Evan Kinne gives detailed information about the team approach at George Smith Partners and explains the basics of structured finance.  Click here to listen the podcast, “Understanding the Capital Stack and How to Simplify a Seemingly Complex Investment Structure”.  click here to read the transcription.

    The discussion covers:

    • How do you get someone comfortable with your deal?
    • What are Private Equity and Co-GP firms looking for?
    • Why are Mobile Home Parks an interesting asset class?
    • What asset classes are risky in this environment?