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    $4,700,000 Non-Recourse, Bridge Financing for Mid-Construction Apartment Project; Pico-Robertson Area of Los Angeles, CA

    November 18, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $4,700,000 in non-recourse, bridge financing for an 85% complete, 13-unit apartment project in the Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles, CA. Despite marketing this deal as a construction take-out loan for an 85% complete project during the global pandemic, GSP successfully engaged a debt fund to take out the existing construction loan with additional funds to complete construction. The non-recourse bridge facility was priced at an interest-only rate of 5.90% with a 12-month term plus a 12-month extension option. Thanks to GSP’s long-standing relationship with this debt fund, we were able to close this transaction in just 8 business days.

    Rate: 5.90% Interest Only
    Term: 1 + 1
    LTC: 80%
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse

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    $13,340,000 Acquisition/Bridge Loan for Six-Property Multifamily Portfolio; Long Beach, CA

    November 18, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners identified a national balance sheet lender with an intimate knowledge of the submarket and arranged $13,340,000 in acquisition/bridge financing for the purchase and reposition of a six-property multifamily portfolio located in Long Beach, CA. The Sponsor placed the portfolio under contract during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The loan includes a future funding component in which interest is not charged on the holdback until funds are drawn. This Capital Provider also structured and capitalized an interest reserve to cover the shortfall of cash flow during repositions. The three-year bridge loan is interest only for 36 months and carries a floating rate of LIBOR + 5.00% and includes two extension options for up to a term of five years. Our Sponsor’s business plan included a strategy to sell specific assets during the hold period as allowed for by the favorably structured release provisions.

    Rate: LIBOR + 5.00%
    Term: 3 Years
    Amortization: Interest Only
    Loan-to-Cost: 76%
    Prepayment: 12 months
    Loan Fee: 0.75% in / 0.75% exit

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    $8,152,500 Conversion to Co-Living, 68% LTC, Heavy-Lift Bridge-to Perm Loan; San Francisco, CA

    November 11, 2020

    Transaction Description:
    George Smith Partners placed the $8,152,500 bridge-to-mini perm loan for the conversion of an existing 12-unit multi-family community into a 17-unit 44-bed co-living community. The 68% LTC bridge loan converts to a 5-year mini-perm loan fixed at CMT + 2.5% with a 3.75% floor.

    The Project came to GSP half-way through construction and was being funded by a lender that had filed bankruptcy with proceeds that were insufficient to complete the new business plan. GSP put the loan under application pre-COVID with a new business plan that included (as a condition in closing) approvals for a 4th floor penthouse/useable roof top level. While in application, the construction and the penthouse level approval process came to a halt due to COVID causing stress on both the existing loan (nearing maturity) as well as the new loan underwriting. The challenges associated with co-living as a new asset class resulted in additional scrutinization from the new lender as well as the appraisal which had a negative impact on value. GSP was able to resolve the valuation issues by successfully arguing the merits of the Project as well as successfully negotiating a waiver of the exit fee on the previous loan which resulted in zero impact to the loan proceeds and the Borrower’s out of pocket cash required at closing.

    Construction Loan:

    Rate: Prime plus 1% with 5% floor
    Term: 18 Months
    LTC: 68%
    LTV: 65%

    Mini-perm Loan:

    Rate: CMT + 2.25% with 3.75% floor
    Term: 5 Years
    Amortization: 30 years
    Prepayment: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 open

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    $27,350,000 ($337,655/unit) Cash-Out Permanent Financing for an 81-Unit, Two-Property Multifamily Portfolio; Los Feliz and Burbank, CA

    November 4, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners successfully placed $27,350,000 ($337,655/unit) in a cash-out, uncrossed (two loans) refinance of two multifamily properties totaling 81 units in Los Angeles communities, Los Feliz and Burbank, during the COVID-19 pandemic. While in application with accretive terms in February 2020 prior to California’s “stay-at-home” order, the Lender subsequently paused all new loan originations, including its in-process pipeline, mid-way through this transaction. Despite the economic uncertainty during the transaction, as well as the Lender halting all in-process and new loan originations, GSP leveraged the Firm’s collective production and relationship with the Lender to close the loans during the COVID-19 pandemic with loan terms as originally structured. GSP worked diligently to ensure the final economic loan terms matched the agreed-upon LOI terms, including an additional advance to be funded after the eviction moratorium is lifted. Both properties had undergone extensive renovations and upgrades since acquisition and have maintained 95% occupancy throughout 2020 despite COVID-19 regulations in California allowing tenants to defer rent payments.

    Rate: 3.75% (fixed) for seven years
    Term: 30 years
    Amortization: Five years interest only; 30-year amortization thereafter
    LTV: 65%
    DSCR: Sized to a 1.15x DSCR with an initial funding sized to a 1.20x DSCR
    Lender Fee: Par
    Prepayment: 5,4,3,2,1% step-down prepayment
    Guarantee: Non-Recourse

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    $16,100,000 Non-Recourse Acquisition Bridge Financing for a 30-Unit Trophy Multifamily Value-Added Project; West Los Angeles, CA

    October 14, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $16,100,000 in non-recourse, acquisition bridge financing on a 30-unit trophy multifamily property in West Los Angeles, California. The Property featured significant below-market rents, deferred maintenance, and physical vacancy (in part due to roommates that decided to downsize in light of COVID-19). The value-add business plan will involve a large capital expenditure budget to renovate the Property’s exterior and units, and reposition the asset utilizing a specialist property manager focused on providing family-oriented housing product with amenities like technology integration, childcare services, and community programming. The Sponsor’s expertise coupled with the Property’s trophy location created a competitive lending environment despite the ongoing pandemic. GSP ran a robust process including marketing the deal to over 70 lenders and fielding multiple lender proposals. The non-recourse financing was sized to 70% LTC and featured a rate of 1-Month Libor plus 500 basis points for a three-year term plus extensions.

    Rate: 1-Month Libor + 500 basis points
    Term: 36-month term with two 6-month extension options (6.00% floor rate)
    LTV: 70%
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse

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    $54,075,000 Perm at 3.01%, 15-Year Fixed with Cash Out, for a 173-Unit, Multifamily; Ventura, CA

    October 7, 2020

    Transaction Description:
    George Smith Partners has secured $54,075,000 in permanent financing for a newly completed and leased, 173-unit, luxury resort-style multifamily community in the city of Ventura, CA. The loan is fixed for 15 years at 3.01% with interest-only payments for the first 7 years and with cash out above the construction loan.

    When GSP was initially engaged in January the Project’s final phase had yet to receive its certificate of occupancy. While overall leasing had been strong, its current occupancy was about 60%. The state-mandated COVID-19 stay-at-home orders slowed new leasing activity throughout the Spring. When initially taking the financing proposal to market, GSP faced both the occupancy issue as well as a new-found, COVID-19, lender conservatism which negatively impacted the potential loan terms.

    GSP continued to work throughout the Summer to make lenders comfortable with the resiliency of the Ventura market, the Property’s quality, as well as the Sponsor’s strength and long-term experience in the market. By late Spring the leasing program regained its pre-Coronavirus lockdown pace. With improving capital markets, GSP was able to narrow the field to the one lender that would provide the optimal combination of loan proceeds, term and rate. Upon reaching 85% leasing the Sponsor executed an early rate lock to hedge against potential swings in the Treasury prior to close. This occurred upon reaching 95% occupancy.

    Rate: 3.01% Fixed (T+ 2.49%)
    Term: 15 Years
    Amortization: 30 Years with 7 Years I/O
    LTV: 70%
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse

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    90% LTC for Acquisition of 6 Units – Closed in 12 Days; Los Angeles, CA

    September 2, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $3,183,000 of senior and mezzanine financing for the acquisition of a 6-unit multifamily building located in Los Angeles, CA. The combined debt was sized to 90% of purchase price. The Property was purchased with the intention of future development. The proposed project would add more units to the supply-constrained submarket. The senior loan was sized to 60% of purchase and carries a 7.50% fixed interest rate. The mezzanine financing provided the remainder (up to 90%) and is priced at 12.00%. The financings were closed within 12 days of the term sheets being signed.

    Senior Loan
    Amount: $2,118,000
    Rate: 7.50%
    Term: 12 Months
    Amortization: Interest Only
    LTV: 60%
    Loan Fee: 1.00%
    Prepayment Penalty: None

    Mezzanine Loan
    Amount: $1,065,000
    Rate: 12.00%
    Term: 12 Months
    Amortization: Interest Only
    LTV: Up to 90%
    Loan Fee: 3.00%
    Prepayment Penalty: None

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    $2,950,000 Permanent Financing for a 12-Unit, Multifamily Property; West Hollywood, CA

    August 26, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $2,950,000 in permanent financing for a 12-unit multifamily property located in West Hollywood, California. In July of 2019 GSP arranged the acquisition financing for the Sponsor who now retained us to refinance the 85% bridge loan. Even with the current economic uncertainty, GSP was able to increase the loan size while dramatically decreasing the interest cost. GSP obtained a fixed rate of 3.70% for the first 5 years which allowed the Sponsor to recoup some of the capital invested in the rehab. This was particularly difficult to accomplish in light of the previous high leveraged loan.

    With the COVID-19 global pandemic and uncertainty in the market, it was critical to select a capital provider who could provide certainty of execution. Borrowing costs are on the rise as lenders ratchet up their credit standards. With the current crisis, lenders were 100% focused on rent collections and overwhelmed with new financing requests as several other lenders pulled out of the market.

    GSP selected a capital provider that we have a strong relationship with and have closed numerous financings with. We knew the loan officer would stay focused on the need to close on time and keep the agreed-upon rate and proceeds through the completion of the loan. Because GSP is in the debt market every day, we were able to ensure that the capital provider was truly closing deals and meeting deadlines. GSP’s experience working with appraisers, inspectors and title/escrow during the COVID-19 pandemic was critical to getting this transaction completed. It is now common during the COVID-19 pandemic that Capital Providers require a 12-month interest reserve. Due to our strong relationship with the selected Capital Provider, we were able to negotiate that those funds be applied to the first 12 months of the loan payments.

    Rate: 3.70% Fixed
    LTC: 55% LTC
    Amortization: 30 Year / 5 Year Fixed Term
    Prepayment: Within first 3 years – 1.75%, after that 1%

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    $26,000,000 Bridge Loan for a 65-unit New Multifamily Property, 100% LTC, No DCR Test; Los Angeles, CA

    August 19, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners secured $26,000,000 in proceeds for a bridge loan refinance of a 65-unit multifamily property located in Los Angeles, CA. The loan is floating at LIBOR + 5.45% with a 1.0% LIBOR floor. The Lender provided proceeds of 75% of appraised value, 100% of cost, and did not require any Debt Coverage Ratio test on underwritten cash flow.

    The Property was newly constructed and began lease-up towards the end of last year. In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began, and the State issued a safer-at-home directive. As a result, leasing halted for several months with the Property at 60% occupancy. Since the in-place loan was coming due, the Borrower required a bridge loan to provide additional time to reach stabilization.

    When initially discussing the transaction with lenders in April, many capital providers were out of the market entirely. Those that quoted the deal provided proceeds of 65% LTV and interest rates around 8%, but these terms did not make economic sense for the Borrower. As the capital markets improved, GSP continued to discuss the transaction with lenders. In June, the selected lender entered the market with a new market-leading bridge loan program. The team quickly signed up the transaction and the loan closed in just 35 days.

    Rate: L+5.45% with a 1.0% LIBOR floor = 6.45%
    Term: 24 months + one 6-month extension
    LTV: 75%
    DCR: none
    Fees: 0.5% in/0.5% out
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse

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    $9,900,000 Multifamily Refinance 5-Year Loan with Full Term Interest-Only Payments; Los Angeles, CA

    August 12, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners placed a $9,900,000 loan for the refinance of a 41-unit apartment portfolio in Los Angeles, CA. The loan is fixed at 3.85% for five years with full term interest-only payments. The term sheet was signed shortly before the COVID-19 crisis and ensuing economic volatility. Despite these conditions, the original rate and leverage were kept intact.

    GSP previously sourced the acquisition bridge financing two years ago. Although the Sponsor successfully completed their value-add business plan, a number of unique challenges were encountered when closing the refinance. Shortly after the Borrower signed the term sheet, the Lender put their entire pipeline of loans on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When they resumed processing the loan, they initially offered a substantial retrade. GSP was able to leverage our longstanding relationship with the Lender to maintain terms very close to the original application. The Lender also agreed to waive their loan processing fee and the cost of all third party reports. Some of the units at the Property were extremely large and the Sponsor had modified them to create a den space. As a result, a number of these renovated units were able to achieve higher rents, but it was difficult to find market comparable data. GSP obtained the necessary data and the
    Lender was able to support their underwritten net cash flow.

    The Lender reserved 12 months of interest only payments at loan closing, a standard condition in today’s market. However, the reserve will be used to make the loan payments and released after 6 months if certain financial conditions are met.

    Rate: 3.85% Fixed
    Term: 5 Years
    Amortization: 5 Years Interest-Only
    LTV: 65%
    DSCR: 1.20x
    Prepayment: 3,1,0.5
    Loan Fee: Par

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    $4,300,000 Acquisition/Bridge Loan for 18-Unit, Multifamily Property; Long Beach, CA

    August 5, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $4,300,000 in acquisition bridge financing for the purchase and reposition of an 18-unit multifamily property located in Long Beach, CA. The Sponsor put the Property under contract during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Property has several vacant units which represents an opportunity for the Sponsor to immediately add value and commence their value-add business plan.

    The loan includes future funding for an extensive renovation of unit interiors and an exterior upgrade. The three-year bridge loan is interest only for the first 18 months and carries a floating rate of Prime + 0.50% with a 4.00% floor. Interest is not charged on the holdback until funds are drawn. The lender fee was limited to a 0.50% origination fee with no exit fee. The loan structure has no prepayment penalty, providing the Sponsor with ultimate flexibility.

    Rate: Prime + .50% with 4.00% Floor
    Term: 3 Years
    Amortization: 18 Months Interest Only
    Loan-to-Cost: 73%
    Prepayment: Open Prepay
    Loan Fee: 0.5% in / No exit fee

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    $5,891,700 Value-Add, Bridge, Refinance for a Multifamily Property; Santa Barbara, CA

    July 29, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners placed a $5,891,700 recourse loan for the refinance and recapitalization of an approved mixed-use conversion back to 100% multifamily use. The Sponsor acquired the mixed-use office and multifamily project in early 2019. They negotiated the early termination of several long-term office leases and obtained approvals to convert the entire Property back to multifamily. The Sponsor will add kitchens to the office units and converted a large multi-story penthouse unit with ocean views into smaller units increasing the unit count to 23. Soft demolition began in early 2020 with insufficient funds available in the existing acquisition/bridge loan to complete the revised business plan.

    GSP placed the original acquisition/bridge loan. Even though the current loan went under application at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the only delay was as a result of the appraisal process. The value and the loan were not negatively impacted by the change in market conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. GSP identified a bank lender who underwrote to the new business plan and was able to provide capital at less than half of the previous loan cost while providing an additional 40% in proceeds. The bridge loan has an 18-month term at Prime + 0.75%, interest only, with the ability to convert to a 5-year term.

    Rate: Prime + 0.75% with a 4% Floor
    Term: 18 months
    Recourse: Full Recourse
    Amortization: Interest only
    Fees: 0.5%
    Prepayment: None during construction period

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