$7,850,000, 40 Unit Ground-Up Apartment Construction Loan, Los Angeles, California

9 – 27 – 12
Transaction Description: GSP arranged the financing for a 40 unit ground-up apartment development in Hollywood, California. The developer had assembled the land over a period of years, and originally intended to develop a “For-Sale” building. Because of the strong demand in the Hollywood market, coupled with a comparatively low basis in the land, the Borrower was able to attract private, passive JV equity to co-invest in the transactions.
Challenge: The Borrower’s previous construction projects were financed by a bank that had stopped lending on construction following the credit crises. While the previous projects were successes, the Borrower struggled to attract debt without a clear pipeline of future projects and the personal capital to build out all of the proposed developments. The Borrower’s private equity sources were reluctant to sign full personal repayment guarantees.
Solution: GSP worked with the Borrower to demonstrate a clear pipeline of projects based on existing assets and future business plans. The Borrower was able to secure capital partners through his private network. The new investors agreed to sign on the current loan but only in a secondary position after all other remedies for cure have been solved. This bolstered financial strength of the request, combined with a clear pipeline of future business gave the lender sufficient confidence to proceed with the loan. To shield the private investors, GSP negotiated a several pro-rata recourse agreement for the investors to a capped amount, which is significantly less than the loan amount. This gave the investor partners comfort that they are not exposed to the full repayment guarantee.
Rate: LIBOR+275
Term: 3 Years + 24 Month Extension
Amort: 30 Years
LTC: 65%
Brokers: Jonathan Lee, Shine Cheng

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    $13,600,000 Non-Recourse Debt and JV Equity to 97% of Total Capitalization for Ground-Up Multifamily

    March 12, 2015

    Transaction Description: George Smith Partners successfully arranged $13,600,000 in debt and equity financing for the ground-up construction of a 34-unit luxury lifestyle apartment complex. This capitalization represents 97% of total cost for this fully entitled transit-oriented apartment development in a prime Southern California infill location. The non-recourse senior tranche is advanced to 60% of construction cost at traditionally priced bank debt with the balance of capital provided by the Sponsor and Joint Venture Partner. Additional terms and pricing are confidential.


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    $1,800,000 Construction Financing to 75% of Cost Multi-Family Development

    March 11, 2015

    Transaction Description: Jonathan Lee arranged the ground-up construction financing for a 5 unit multi-family rental building in Hollywood, California. The project will feature attached two-car garages, city views from 3rd story roof-top decks and unit mixes that range from 1,174 to 1,385 square feet. Positioned to draw renters that desire walkable neighborhoods, the subject offers convenient access the cluster of entertainment industry employers nearby. Sized to 75% of cost and floating at Prime + 0.75% w/a 5.0% floor, the 18 month construction term carries a six-month option for an additional fee.

    Rate: Prime + 0.75%; 5.0% Floor
    Term: 18 Months + 6 Month Option
    LTV: 67%
    LTC: 75%

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    $21,000,000 Construction Financing to 80% of Cost Multi-Family Development

    March 4, 2015

    Transaction Description: Jonathan Lee arranged the ground-up construction financing for 49 unit multi-family rental building in Brentwood, California. The subject will be mapped for condominiums for additional exit flexibility. Sized to 80% of cost, the 30 month loan is priced at LIBOR + 2.5%, netting an all-in coupon of less than 3.0% today. Recourse is limited to the top 50% of the loan amount.

    Challenge: Project features units that are larger than typical rental products in this market, resulting in a higher total rental dollar per unit. A high land basis was required to support the Sponsor equity contribution.

    Solution: Market research, area demographics and asset quality supported the larger unit footprints and thus the higher gross dollar rents underwritten. Exit flexibility added additional comfort to support the higher land basis and value created by the Sponsor through his assemblage and entitlements.

    Rate: LIBOR+2.50%
    Term: 30 Months + Options
    LTV: 60%
    LTC: 80%
    Lender Fee: 0.375%

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    $3,250,000 Construction Loan for Six For-Sale Luxury Condo Units in Westwood, California

    August 21, 2014

    8 – 20 – 2014
    Transaction Description: Jonathan Lee successfully placed the construction financing for a ground-up six unit luxury condominium property in Westwood, California. The Sponsor purchased the entitled land in 2012 all cash and re-designed the building, spending over a year obtaining required approvals. The 18 month construction term is priced at LIBOR plus 3.5% and was sized to 75% of total cost. Imputed equity was factored in to a 65% of value metric.
    Challenge: The Sponsor required high leverage for a for-sale development and was not seeking to invest additional cash equity into this project. Pro-forma sales were difficult to comp given the older product in the area. The high price per foot added to the comparable challenge.
    Solution: GSP supported the leverage request by highlighting the Sponsor’s and the Contractor’s successful development history with similar project types. By canvassing the market and demographic data, a sales pro-forma for the finished project was developed by GSP, reviewed and accepted by the Appraiser. The estimated demand and price point for new product was independently supported by the MAI appraiser.
    Rate: LIBOR + 3.50%
    Term: 18 Mnths+ 1-Six Mnth Ext
    Amort: Interest Only
    LTV: 65.0%
    LTC: 75.0%
    Lender Fee: 0.5%
    Advisors:  Jonathan Lee, Adam Candler


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    $4,390,000, 18 Unit Ground-Up Apartment Construction Loan

    July 16, 2014

    7 – 16 – 2014
    Transaction Description:  GSP arranged the financing for the ground-up development of an 18 unit apartment building in the Warner Center area of Los Angeles. The developer had recently purchased the land before entitling it. Because of the strong housing demand in the Warner Center sub-market, the Borrower was able to syndicate equity amongst friends and family. GSP successfully negotiated for imputed equity to round-out the capital stack in lieu of an additional cash investment. Sized to 75% of cost, the 18 month term floats over LIBOR but requires a 5.5% interest rate floor.
    Challenge: The Borrower’s previous construction projects were financed by private lenders with high interest rate coupons. While financially sound, with two other projects under construction, the Borrowers’ contingent liabilities pushed underwriting standards.
    Solution: GSP worked with the capital provider to demonstrate a clear pipeline of projects based on existing assets under construction. Because of the construction progress in the other assets, GSP was able to demonstrate that several recourse construction loans were about to roll to non-recourse debt within six months of funding.
    Rate: 5.5%
    Term: 18 Months + one 6 Month Ext
    Amort: Interest Only
    LTC: 75%
    Lender Fee: 0.75%
    Advisors:  Jonathan Lee, Adam Candler
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    $12,100,000 68% Loan to Cost, Limited Recourse Construction of 45 Apartment Units in Los Angeles

    April 30, 2014

    Transaction Description: GSP successfully placed $12,100,000 of ground-up construction financing for a 45-unit luxury boutique amenities transit-oriented apartment development in Los Angeles. Recourse was limited to a 25% repayment guarantee; burning down to zero once a 9.10% debt yield is achieved. The senior loan was sized to 68% of total cost and priced at LIBOR + 2.65%. The three year loan equates to $269,000 per door.
    Challenge: Thirty-five days before the Sponsor had a hard date to begin construction, the Sponsor’s original Lender reduced proceeds due to a low appraised stable net operating income that dropped the debt yield below the threshold stipulated at application. In order to maintain the debt yield the lender cut proceeds to a level that made the transaction unfeasible for the Sponsor.
    Solution: GSP stratified the appraisal numbers into loan-to-value and debt yield conclusions, and identified a new capital provider focused on loan-to-value sizing versus debt yield sizing. The new lender accepted an 8.17% debt yield on appraised stable net operating income because they focused more on the stabilized appraised loan-to-value. The result is the Lender was able to achieve the required proceeds and close within thirty-five days and did not require a new appraisal.

    • Rate: LIBOR+2.65%
    • Term: 3 Years + Two (6) Month Extensions
    • Amort: Interest Only
    • LTC: 68%