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F&B Town Hall with SBE CEO Sam Nazarian & Malcolm Davies


Even before the world was turned upside down, food delivery and ghost kitchens were becoming exponentially more popular. Now, delivering restaurant-quality food to consumers’ doorsteps is a normal part of our everyday lives.

Social distancing regulations may provide an opportunity for ghost kitchens to grow and become staples in the immediate and permanent future. Sam Nazarian recently launched C3 (Creating Culinary Communities) in partnership with Accor and Simon Properties. C3 will be home to a selection of limited service restaurants– both new concepts and tried and true sbe favorites that consumers have come to love.

The conversation will discuss:

1. How can you maximize underutilized F&B in retail and hospitality developments?

2. Are Michelin-caliber chefs actually interested in ghost kitchens?

3. What strategies can you take to ensure your food halls are top notch?

4. What role do you envision ghost kitchens playing in a world post-COVID?

5. How can you partner with top brands to maximize your F&B capacity?