Jordan Lipton

Senior Vice President

Jordan Lipton serves as a Senior Vice President at George Smith Partners where he brings a wealth of knowledge and a pragmatic approach to every transaction. Jordan’s expertise extends over a broad range of financial structures including first mortgages, mezzanine/preferred equity, joint venture equity, and other alternative structures. Through Jordan’s deep history of successful closings across multiple asset classes and business plans across the nation, he takes a craftsman approach by creating tailored strategies that align with the diverse needs of the firm’s clients no matter what the current market landscape dictates. Leveraging GSP’s robust relationships with various capital sources enables him to consistently secure advantageous terms for the firm’s clients. His straightforward, fact-based advisory is built on a foundation of comprehensive industry experience and a proven track record of successful capital placements that underlines his unwavering dedication to client success. Before joining George Smith Partners, Jordan was an Associate at Morgan Stanley and is a University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) Alumni with a degree in Economics and Accounting.