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    $11,845,000 Non-Recourse Acquisition and Reposition Financing up to 75% of Cost on a Non-Cash Flowing Retail Property in Los Angeles

    April 19, 2017

    George Smith Partners arranged an $11,845,000 first mortgage on a value-add retail property with no cash flow located along the main retail corridor of one of the hippest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The national balance sheet lender provided a non-recourse loan to up to 75% of total project cost including 100% of future capital expenditure funds to gut renovate the asset and convert the property to high-end retail plus an addition of four apartment units. Due to the lack of cash flow, the lender structured a 20-month interest and carry reserve to cover debt service during the reposition period. Over 50% to total loan proceeds are allocated for future funding. Interest is not charged on funds until drawn.

    Rate: 30-Day LIBOR + 6.00%
    Term: Three years plus two 12-month extensions
    Amortization: 24 months interest only; 25-year amortization thereafter
    Max Loan to Cost: 75%
    Prepayment: 15-month lockout; open thereafter subject to 1.00% exit fee
    Guaranty: Non-recourse
    Lender Fee: 1.00%

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    $7,500,000 Cash-Out Refinance Senior and Stand-By Line of Credit

    April 19, 2017

    Transaction Description
    George Smith Partners placed a $7,500,000 refinance of two special use, unanchored multi-tenant retail properties located in the City of Industry. A sizable return on equity (142% of total capitalization) was permitted due to our Sponsors’ 20 year ownership and management history of the asset. This transaction was structured as senior debt funded at $4,300,000 and a $3,200,000 crossed-collateralized stand-by line of credit. Both vehicles were funded by the same capital source. Due to the special-use tenant mix, the senior debt was sized to 60% LTV and priced at Prime plus 1% fixed for five years and amortized over 25 years, while the credit line will float at Prime plus 1.5% for two years. Interest is only paid on funds drawn. There is no prepayment penalty for either tranche.

    Special use tenancy at both properties is subject to a CC&R review by the local municipality at the end of 2017. One tenant who occupies 20% of the net rentable square feet went dark and vacated the property during the due diligence process.

    GSP identified a regional lender that understood the market and was eager to build a relationship with our Sponsor, who has impressive real estate holdings, a long track record of execution and significant financial strength. By demonstrating that market rents and occupancy levels still allowed for significant debt service coverage, GSP was able to assist the lender in gaining comfort with the properties’ specialty-use and uncertain occupancy future.

    Rate: Senior Loan – Prime + 1%; Line of Credit – Prime + 1.5%
    Term: Senior Loan – 5 Years; Line of Credit – 2 Years + Extensions
    Amortization: Senior Loan – 25 Years; Line of Credit – Interest Only
    LTV: 60%
    DCR: Senior Loan – 1.25x; Line of Credit – 1.5x
    Lender Fee: 0.75%

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    $8,200,000 Quick Close Financing at 90% Loan to Cost on Un-Anchored Strip Retail Center

    April 3, 2017

    Transaction Description:
    George Smith Partners secured a $8,200,000 private money bridge loan to enable the renovation and re-tenanting of an un-anchored retail shopping center in Orange County, CA. The loan included over $1,500,000 of cash out to the sponsor at closing as well as $600,000 for future tenant improvements and renovations.

    The sponsors requested maximum cash-out proceeds that dissuaded many capital providers. Additionally, several tenants were in the process of significantly upgrading their spaces and had unfinished renovations in place. Finally, the project had unsettled legal issues with one of the major tenants.

    GSP used its experience and relationships to identify a lender who could understand the greater value of the project and was able to demonstrate both the inherent value of the property due to its extraordinary location as well as the future value of the project as completed. As a result, the lender became comfortable with the loan’s basis per square foot.

    Rate: LIBOR + 8% (Capped at 9%)
    Amortization: Interest Only
    LTC: 90% Loan to Cost / 75% Loan to Value
    Term: One Year Term With (2) – One Year Options

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    $7,350,000 Non-Recourse Pre-Development Financing on a Predominantly Vacant West LA Office & Retail Building

    March 28, 2017

    George Smith Partners arranged a $7,350,000 non-recourse loan to 75% of appraised value from a national debt fund to finance the pre-development period of an existing 12,500 square foot, West Los Angeles office and retail building.  Despite having very low occupancy, the lender was able to advance $588 per square foot after GSP demonstrated the superior location of the asset and experience of the Sponsor in development.  The lender structured a 12-month interest and carry reserve as the Sponsor vacates the remaining in-place tenants in order to implement its business plan of eventually razing the existing improvements and building a new, high-end, multi-tenant retail building. Loan proceeds were priced at 9.50% fixed for the 18-month loan duration, and interest expense is not incurred on the interest and carry reserve until drawn.


    Rate: 9.50% fixed
    Term: 18-months plus two six-month extension options
    Amortization: Interest only
    Loan to Value: 75%
    Prepayment: 12-month yield maintenance
    Lender Fee: 1%

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    $5,000,000 Acquisition of a Single Tenant Rite Aid in a Tertiary Market

    March 22, 2017

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $5,000,000 for the acquisition of a newly constructed, 17,200 square foot single tenant build-to-suit Rite Aid. Our Sponsor was focused on minimizing monthly debt service costs plus maintaining prepayment flexibility. The proposed Rite Aid acquisition by Walgreens and the tertiary market location added levels of complexity to the transaction. After evaluating the firm’s extensive lending relationships, GSP sourced a regional lender experienced with this location and comfortable with Sponsor’s financial strength, track record, and personal guarantee. The loan is fixed at 4.75% for five years with a 30-year amortization schedule, sized to a 1.20x DSCR, and is open to prepayment at any time. The lender charged a nominal fixed $2,500 cost for loan processing and documentation.

    Rate: 4.75% fixed
    Term: 5 years
    Amortization: 30 years
    DSCR: 1.20x
    Prepayment Penalty: None
    Lender Fee: 0.50%

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    $30,000,000 Non-Recourse Cash-Out Refinance of 156,000 SF Retail Center in Los Angeles

    March 15, 2017

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners secured $30,000,000 in proceeds for the non-recourse cash out refinance of a 156,000 square foot retail shopping center located in Los Angeles. The loan is fixed at a rate of 4.91% for a period of 10 years and offers 5 years of interest only payments. A number of challenges were encountered while marketing the deal. The property is anchored by a major grocery chain, but the lease rolls in 5 years. Several other tenants also roll within 5 years. Additionally, the property location is in a secondary area of greater Los Angeles. However, the borrowers had successfully kept the property at or near 100% occupied for the last several years due to the prominent visibility of the center along a high-traffic street. Finally, sales data was only available for the grocer and one of the separate pads. The owners did not have sales data for the other 20 tenants. GSP sourced a CMBS lender that was not only comfortable with each of these risks, but underwrote the transaction aggressively. The selected lender gave credit for rent increases coming within the next year and used a 3% vacancy rate, resulting in higher underwritten income. The lender was able to size the deal to a 7.75% debt yield, whereas most CMBS lenders would need a minimum 8% debt yield. This resulted in the selected lender providing proceeds of nearly $1,000,000 more than any other lender. Since the buyer had invested considerable amounts in capital expenditures and completed major upgrades in the past three years, the lender was able to underwrite to lower replacement reserves as well as lower tenant improvement and leasing commissions. The loan closed in about 40 days from the time it went into application.



    Term: 10 Years
    Rate: 10 Year Swap + 2.53% (4.91%)
    Amortization: 5 years IO followed by 30 year amortization
    Prepayment Penalty: Defeasance
    LTV: 65%
    Debt Yield: 7.75%
    DCR: 1.23
    Origination Fees: Par
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse

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    $63,400,000 Ground-up Non-Recourse Mixed-use Construction Financing to 83% of Total Cost

    March 1, 2017

    Transaction Description: George Smith Partners successfully arranged the combined $63,400,000, 83% of total cost, non-recourse, construction financing for a 312 unit, 19 story high-rise, Class-A Multifamily over retail project in the downtown area of a major Southwestern MSA. The subject property will be located near major universities, offices, restaurants, and a growing arts district. This project represents one of the highest quality, most amenitized, and dynamic rental projects in this region.

    Challenge: The Sponsor requested high leverage, non-recourse, construction financing on an asset class that at the time, and in this market, was a non-starter for most capital providers. The Sponsor had limited experience in the development of this specific asset class and was seeking leverage at a level that was a challenge for a single lender to get comfortable with.

    Solution: GSP was able to demonstrate the compelling economics at the project level by showing the pent-up demand for this project type in this specific market, highlighting the barriers to entry with limited available land, and the singular quality of the location with proximity to places of employment, graduate level education, and a light rail line. The capital providers who stepped up, understood the value of this location, the cost basis and the Sponsor’s ability to deliver a product that is superior to competing properties in the market. The senior lender and third party mezzanine lender did not have an existing inter-creditor agreement in place prior to this transaction, but successfully structured an agreement. The final borrowing structure involved multiple entity-level-only guarantors for the limited guaranties that were required. GSP also assisted with two separate interest rate caps provided by a third party rate cap provider and placed with two separate institutions to protect from anticipated floating rates.

    Rate: Terms are confidential
    LTC: 83%
    Term: 3 Years Plus 1 Year Extension
    Amortization: Interest Only
    Recourse: Non-Recourse

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    $7,000,000 Non-Recourse Financing for a Single Tenant Investment Grade Retail Property in Suburban Northern California

    February 22, 2017

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners successfully placed ten year fixed rate financing on a single tenant retail property located in Northern California. The building is occupied by a national drug store tenant on a 75 year lease with a 2032 termination option. The tenant signed a fixed rate lease at the top of the market in 2007 but reported year over year sales decline since 2012 due to increased competition in the trade area. These two factors resulted in a high occupancy cost. GSP identified a national lender able to underwrite the tenant’s full rent because of the lease’s long-term investment grade characteristics, despite the high current occupancy cost. Additionally, GSP highlighted the recent closure of another drug store in the trade area that will increase the tenant’s market share going forward and increase sales. The loan structure includes five years of Interest Only payments to maximize Sponsor cash flow, then converts to a 30-year amortization schedule. The 67% leverage loan has a fixed rate coupon of 4.87% for the 10-year term.

    Rate: 4.87% Fixed
    Term: 10 Years
    Amortization: 5 Years Interest only; 30 Year amortization thereafter
    LTV: 67%
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse
    Lender Fee: None

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    $4,950,000 Refinance of Retail Center Interest Only @ Low 4%

    February 22, 2017

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners secured $4,950,000 for the refinance of a 20,020 square foot retail strip center located in Los Angeles, California. The Sponsor requested a rate and term refinance and was not interested in maximizing leverage. Accordingly, GSP was able to source a Lender known to compete aggressively on rate for lower leverage deals. Additionally, the property had two units located in a high-visibility corner pad, while the remaining units were inline strip space. The corner pad was leased at rates considerably higher than the inline space. Although it was challenging for the Lender and appraiser to support the higher rents of the corner pad, GSP provided extensive rent comparable data for freestanding pads in the submarket. Underwritten cash flow and property value were well supported and the Lender maintained originally quoted proceeds. Loan is fixed at 4.28% for 5 years, then floats at 6 month LIBOR plus 2.35%.

    Term: 10 years
    Rate: Fixed for 5 years at 4.28%, followed by floating at 6 month LIBOR plus 2.35%
    Amortization: 30 years
    Prepayment Penalty: 5,4,3,2,1
    LTV: 65% maximum
    DCR: 1.45
    Origination Fees: Par

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    $1,527,000 Cash-Out Refinance Bridge Loan for a Multi-Tenant Retail Property in a Tertiary Market

    January 11, 2017

    Transaction Description

    George Smith Partners arranged a $1,527,000 cash-out refinance bridge loan on a 35% occupied, shadow-anchored, multi-tenant retail property in Castaic, California. The Sponsor recently purchased the property for $2,000,000 all-cash at a trustee auction and sought a bridge loan to provide funds to stabilize the property as well as cash-out. Sized to 71% of as-is value and 65% of as-stabilized value, the two year bridge loan is interest only and floating at Prime + 1 with no prepayment penalty. Interest is not charged on the holdback until funds are drawn. The subject property is located in a tertiary market without an anchor tenant and very low occupancy which prevented many lenders from entertaining a cash out request. GSP identified a lender that understood the sponsor was experienced enough to reposition the asset. A $527,000 “good news” budget was allocated for tenant improvements and leasing commissions to complete the reposition upon successful signing of new leases. GSP underscored that the property was shadow anchored by a Walgreens and highlighted that the sponsor would still have significant equity in the property remaining even after the cash out at initial funding. This ultimately allowed the lender to get comfortable with significant cash out and even fund an interest reserve during the life of the loan

    Rate: Prime + 1 %
    LTV: 71% As-Is / 65% As-Stabilized
    Term: 2 Years
    Amortization: Interest Only
    Prepayment Penalty: None
    Lender Fee: 0.5%

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    $34,400,000 Non-Recourse Mixed-Use Retail and Office Refinance of a Leasehold Interest

    January 4, 2017

    George Smith Partners successfully placed the $34,400,000 non-recourse bridge loan, sized to 92% of total cost, for a 238,000 square foot retail shopping center and 67,000 square foot Southern California office building. This 1960s vintage property is well-located and sits on a 17 acre parcel with a traffic count of over 60,000 vehicles per day. Proceeds will be used to satisfy the existing term loan and a majority of the $17,400,000 in planned renovations, tenant improvements, leasing commissions, and other capital expenditures. Retail occupancy includes four value oriented chains, several local retailers, a future grocer and a national fitness/gym chain. The office building will be renovated to feature street level retail pre-leased to regional and national restaurant chains including Chipotle, Five Guys Burgers, and Ono Hawaiian BBQ. Office occupancy of the upper three floors will include a mixture of full floor tenants and local businesses. Several of the office tenants are currently leased month to month, but is supported by a strong occupancy history. Subject to several ground-leases executed in the 1950’s, all leases were recently restated and extended. Floating at 545 over 30 day LIBOR, the non-recourse loan provides for carve-outs executed at the entity level only with no warm body guarantor. The three-year term has one 12 month extension with interest paid current monthly; there is no interest reserve or amortization.

    Rate: LIBOR+5.45%
    Term: 3 Years + One-Year extension
    Amortization: Interest Only
    LTC: 92%
    Prepayment Penalty: 18 Month Minimum Interest
    Recourse: Non-Recourse; Carve-Outs to Entities
    Lender Fee: 1.00%

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    $3,400,000 Acquisition Bridge Loan of Retail Property in Tertiary Colorado Market – 30 Day Close

    December 13, 2016

    Transaction Description
    George Smith Partners arranged the $3,400,000 acquisition bridge loan for a two-tenant retail property in a small, tertiary Colorado town. Current tenants, Hobby Lobby and Tractor Supply Company, have below-market leases that expire in 2 and 4 years, respectively. The non-recourse loan has a 3-year term with two, 1-year extensions, providing Sponsor with ample time to either extend the current tenants or to re-tenant the space at market rents. Lender got comfortable with short-term leases by underwriting a TI/LC reserve to be released in the event of a new lease. Our Capital Provider funded the loan in 30 days from application to close, in order to accommodate the Sponsor’s purchase timeline. Sized to 65% of purchase price, loan floats 575 over LIBOR.

    Rate: L+575
    LTC: 65%
    Term: 3 Years; Two, 1-Year Extensions
    Amortization: Interest Only
    Lender Fee: 1.0%