Gary Mozer in the News!

Gary Mozer, Principal/Co-Founder of George Smith Partners explains “How to Secure Financing for Retail In Today’s Climate” in Shopping Center Business online.

Retail financing, both debt and equity, has become a challenge for many owners, developers and investors throughout the U.S. based on negative press about retail, a perception that the internet will take down many tenants and the weak financial condition of a number of large retailers. Though capital markets are strong, many property owners and investors are finding it difficult to identify lenders willing to provide the type of financing they need for their retail developments, acquisitions and redevelopments. Some lenders are not providing enough money. In other cases, borrowers are finding that the cost of capital is not feasible. Often, lenders and investors aren’t saying no —they are simply offering capital at too high a rate. This squeeze could not come at a more pivotal moment for retail investors…

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