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National Full Capitalization Hotel Financing

George Smith Partners identified a national “Full Structured” hotel financier funding permanent hotel bridge, mezzanine loans and preferred equity investments secured by hotel assets for acquisitions, recapitalizations, cash-out re-financings, and renovations. Permanent financing up to $50 million; fixed for 20-30 years at 4.5%-6.5% with terms up to 10 years and leverage up to 80% of cost. Bridge debt to $50 million; fixed or floating at 6.0%-9.0% with terms to 5 years and 85% of stabilized value. Mezzanine tranches to $10 million; rates from 12%, Interest only or matched to senior loan. Leverage is limited to 85% of value. Preferred Equity to $10 million; rates between 13% to 20% to 95% of cost. There is no participation for the Pref Equity once their returns are realized.