FINfacts™ XXIV – No. 170 | June 5, 2019

Prime Rate 5.50
1 Month LIBOR 2.42
6 Month LIBOR 2.42
5 Yr Swap 1.88
10 Yr Swap 2.10
5 Yr US Treasury 1.86
10 Yr US Treasury 2.12
30 Yr US Treasury 2.60

$14,950,000 Non-Recourse Financing for the Acquisition of a 17-Property Single Tenant Dollar General Portfolio

Rate: 4.52%, Fixed
Term: 14 years
Amortization: 5 Years Interest Only; 30 Year Amortization thereafter
Loan to Value: 75%
Prepayment: Defeasance
Lender Fee: None

Transaction Description:

GSP successfully placed $14,950,000 of non-recourse, 14-year (with an anticipated repayment date ten years from the initial closing) fixed-rate debt for the acquisition of 17 newly-constructed freestanding retail buildings 100% leased to Dollar General. The individual assets have 15-year lease terms and are located primarily in tertiary Upper Midwest states. GSP executed the financing concurrent with construction completion and sourced a lender able to provide 75% leverage financing at a 4.52% blended fixed coupon with five years of Interest Only payments, despite an absence of sales history and concurrent tenant lease terms expiring one year after loan maturity. The loan structure also provides the Sponsor flexibility to release properties from the loan collateral in the event of sale after year three of the loan term and allows the Sponsor to release up to 30% of the individual assets from the mortgage collateral and substitute like kind properties through year nine of the term.



Gary E. Mozer
Katie H. Rodd
Senior Vice President
Michael Anderson-Mitterling
Senior Vice President
Kyle Howerton
Senior Vice President
Akash Rohera
Assistant Vice President

$4,050,000 (85% LTC) Financing for the Acquisition of 3 Contiguous Parcels in Los Angeles, CA

Rate: 9.50% Fixed
LTC: 85% of Acquisition Price
Term: 18 Months
Amortization: Interest Only
Prepayment Penalty: 9 Months of Minimum Interest
Recourse: Non-Recourse
Lender Fee: 1.5%

Transaction Description:

George Smith Partners secured a $4,050,000 acquisition loan for 3 contiguous multifamily buildings located in Toluca Lake (Los Angeles), CA. While there are currently 11 units on the 3 parcels, the Sponsor is in the process of designing a 57 unit multifamily project. This development is allowed “by right” but must go thru planning commission for final approvals and will utilize the density bonus regulations. The proposed building will feature a mix of 1 and 2-bedroom units and will provide more rental housing for the local community. The final project will have an affordable component, boosting the supply of units for designated for low income tenants. The Project is walking distance to the Universal City metro rail stop. Nearby employers include Universal Studios, CBS, and Warner Brothers.

The non-recourse financing was sized to 85% of purchase price at an interest rate of 9.50% for 18 months for a 1.5% lender fee. The high leverage loan allowed the Sponsor to minimize their initial equity investment into the deal. The Sponsor plans to replace this loan with construction financing once the Project is ready to break ground. This Lender has the ability to convert some or all of their acquisition loan to a mezzanine position up to 85% of total construction cost behind the future construction loan.


Steve Bram
Patrick O’Donnell
Vice President

Cash-Out Refinance at 4.35% Fixed for Seven Years, Non-Recourse; Downey, CA

Rate: 4.35% Fixed for 7 years; 6 Month LIBOR + 2.25% thereafter
Term: 30 years
Amortization: 3 years interest only, followed by 27 years amortization
Prepayment Penalty: 4,3,2,1
LTV: 55%
DCR: 1.15x
Guarantee: Non-Recourse
Origination Fees: Par

Transaction Description:

George Smith Partners secured the cash out refinance of a 15-unit stabilized multifamily property in Downey. Constructed in 1980 the Property is located in the heart of Downey, close to restaurants and retail centers. Fixed at 4.35% for seven years, the non-recourse loan floats at 6-month LIBOR + 2.25% for the remaining 23-year term. The non-recourse loan has 3 years of interest only payments and a 4,3,2,1 step down prepayment penalty.


Jonathan Lee
Principal/Managing Director
Shahin Yazdi
Principal/Managing Director
Olga Brandeis
Senior Vice President
David Stepanchak
Senior Vice President
Matthew Kirisits
Vice President
Samuel Sarshar
Assistant Vice President


Antonio Hachem, Principal at GSP will be moderating the Capital Markets panel at Interface Denver Multifamily Conference on Thursday, June 13th. For more information please click here.  If you are interested in a complementary ticket, please contact Dana Light –

LP Equity Provider

GSP identified a LP-Equity provider for retail, office, industrial and self-storage. Looking for opportunistic opportunities (mostly 80/20) in primary and secondary markets nationwide. Target equity investments between $1 – $5 million per deal with an investment period of two to five years.

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