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Highly Leveraged, Quick Close Acquisition of $2,335,000 for 10-Unit Multifamily Property; West Adams – Los Angeles, CA

Blended Rate: 8.05%
Term: 12-months plus a one 6-month extension
Loan-to-purchase: 80%
Prepayment Penalty: None

Transaction Description

The Sponsor approached George Smith Partners for highly leveraged (80% Loan-to-Purchase), quick purchase financing. GSP secured this financing which allowed the Sponsor to purchase the 10-unit multi-family property well below the market value. Although the Property is currently 100% occupied, rents were below market because the Seller self-managed and the Property needs exterior and interior improvements. GSP arranged a $2,335,000 in non-recourse financing for the acquisition. The loan was structured with a first trust deed from a debt fund as well as a preferred equity B piece. There’s additional flexibility for the Sponsor because there is no prepayment penalty. This loan structure allows the Sponsor to implement their business plan of renovating units, increasing rents, and refinancing into a permanent loan within a few months. The non-recourse facility was priced at an interest-only fixed rate with a blended rate of 8.05% with a 12-month term plus a 6-month extension. Thanks to GSP’s long-standing relationship with this debt fund and preferred equity investor, we were able to close this transaction in less than 10 days from signing the term sheet.

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