$6,086,000 Non-Recourse Refinance Loan for Multifamily Property; Seattle Area, WA

Rate: Fixed at 4.04% for 10 years then floats at LIBOR + 3.25%
Term: 20 years
Amortization: 5 yrs Interest Only, then 30 years
Prepay: Stepdown
LTV: 70%
DCR: 1.2
Guaranty: Non-Recourse

Transaction Description:

George Smith Partners secured a $6,086,000 non-recourse refinance loan for a 43-unit multifamily property in the greater Seattle area. The loan provided 70% leverage and is fixed at 4.04% for ten years. The collateral for the new loan excluded a free-standing building that was part of the original purchase, which gives the Owners an option to redevelop that parcel. Over the past several years, the Borrower has completely renovated the exterior of the Property and turned about one quarter of the units. The Lender gave the Borrower maximum credit for the higher rents on the newly refurbished units without requiring any seasoning. Additionally, the Lender did not apply a loan-to-cost constraint, which allowed the Borrower to receive a significant amount of cash-out from the refinance. The Lender also provided 5 years of Interest Only payments. Net operating income was underwritten at the actual note rate, resulting in higher proceeds than what other lenders were offering. The loan closed on the same day that the prepay on the existing loan dropped to 0%.


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    $62,750,000 Non-Recourse, Bridge Financing for a New 253-Unit, Class A, Mixed-Use Development; Longmont, CO

    July 22, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $62,750,000 in non-recourse, bridge financing on a new construction, mixed-use property with 253 apartment units above 10,000 SF of retail in Longmont, CO—approximately 20 minutes northeast of Boulder. Despite delivering in the early stages of a global pandemic and statewide stay-at-home order, the building has maintained relatively robust lease-up velocity through unconventional marketing methods such as virtual touring. Amid such unprecedented market uncertainty, GSP successfully engaged a newly established debt fund to facilitate a cash-neutral, non-recourse refinance of the project’s maturing high-leverage construction debt, which could not be extended. The 75% loan-to-value bridge facility is priced at L+500 with a 36-month term and two 12-month extension options.

    Rate: L+500 (1.00% LIBOR Floor)
    Term: 3+1+1
    LTV: 75%
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse

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    $1,400,000 of Permanent Financing for 5-Unit Apartment Building; Silver Lake, CA

    May 13, 2020


    George Smith Partners secured $1,400,000 to refinance a stabilized multifamily building in Silver Lake, CA. The Property, which was built by the Sponsor in 1991, is 100% occupied. The Sponsor has owned and managed the building for over 25 years, but this is currently the only asset in his portfolio. Refinancing provided the ability to achieve a lower interest rate and return equity to increase his liquidity position. The non-recourse financing carries a fixed interest rate of 4.05% for 5 years.


    The Sponsor’s lack of real estate experience and non-third-party property management deterred some capital providers from offering non-recourse financing. The Sponsor also had limited pre-closing liquidity which made it difficult to qualify for the most attractive rates. Lastly, the eventual lender required a 6-month interest reserve due to recent uncertainty surrounding the multifamily market.


    Even though the Sponsor has limited real estate exposure, GSP was able to highlight the strong historical occupancy that the Sponsor has been able to maintain while self-managing the subject property for over two decades. GSP identified a lender that only required liquidity equal to 5% of the loan amount to qualify for their non-recourse program. The interest reserve was structured as pre-paid interest that goes directly to pay the first six months of principal and interest payments. This avoids having a held-back reserve that would only release upon hitting certain covenants in the future.

    Rate: 4.05% Fixed
    Term: 5 Years
    Amortization: 30 Years
    LTV: 62%
    DSCR: 1.15x
    Recourse: Non-Recourse
    Prepayment: 1.75% for Years 1-3, 1.00% for Years 4-5
    Loan Fee: Par

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    $15,250,000 Non-Recourse, Cash-Out Bridge Financing for a 200-Unit Multifamily Property in a Tertiary Market; 80% LTC at 375 over 1-Month Libor; Rexburg, ID

    February 26, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $15,250,000 in non-recourse, cash-out bridge financing for a 200-unit multifamily property in Rexburg, Idaho. While home to BYU-Idaho (with a student population of 25,000), Rexburg is a small town with a non-student, resident population of only 20,000. The Sponsor approached GSP looking to refinance out a recourse construction loan from a local bank and also return capital to investors, while providing the Property time to season prior to selling or refinancing.

    By emphasizing the demand driven by BYU-Idaho’s presence, the strong sponsorship with a long history of development and investment in the local market, and the Property’s robust in-place cash flow, GSP ultimately sourced a prominent debt fund capital provider that was comfortable assuming tertiary market risk. The 80% loan to cost, non-recourse execution included a sizeable cash-out, given that the in-place construction loan was sized to 65% loan to cost. The loan floats at a spread of 375 over the 1 Month Libor (5.4% all-in today) and is interest only.

    Rate: 1 Month LIBOR + 375
    Term: 2 Years + 1 Year Extension
    LTC: 80%
    Amortization: Interest Only
    Guaranty: Non-Recourse

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    $43,281,000 Cash-Out Refinance of 360 Secondary Market Rental Units, California

    February 26, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners placed the $43,281,000 non-recourse cash-out permanent loan for 360 stabilized units in a secondary California market. This represented a substantial return on equity. Loan proceeds were increased post application as the supportable underwritten net cash flow improved during the due diligence process. Occupancy constantly operated at 98% with future increases forecasted at unit turn. Fixed for ten years at 3.66%, the non-recourse loan is interest-only for five years prior to amortizing over 30 years for the balance of the term.

    Rate: 3.66% Fixed
    Term: 10 Years
    Amortization: Five Years Interest Only; 30 Years Thereafter
    Loan-to-Value: 65%
    DCR: 1.25
    Recourse: Carve-Outs Only
    Prepayment: Loss of Yield
    Loan Fee: 0.425%

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    $10,900,000 Cash-Out, Acquisition, Reposition on a 50-Unit Multifamily Property; Los Angeles, CA

    February 12, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners placed a $10,900,000 non-recourse loan for the refinance of an underperforming stabilized 50-unit multifamily community in Los Angeles. The Sponsor recently acquired the asset at approximately 50% below market from an affiliate party and GSP was able to facilitate approximately $3,000,000in cash out proceeds at closing. A portion of the loan proceeds will be used to renovate units as they become vacant in order to achieve current market rents. GSP identified a non-institutional lender who was comfortable with the cash out proceeds and who understood the history and dynamics of this non-arms-length acquisition. The non-recourse loan is fixed for 1.5 years with a 7.99% interest rate and 4.99% pay rate.

    Rate: 7.99% with 4.99% pay rate
    Term: 18 months
    LTV: 70%
    Recourse: Carve-Outs Only
    Fees: 1.0%
    Prepayment: None; no exit fee

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    $5,700,000 Non-Recourse Acquisition Bridge Financing for a 2-Property Multifamily Portfolio; 80% LTC and 7.5% Debt Yield; Gardena, CA

    February 5, 2020

    Transaction Description:

    George Smith Partners arranged $5,700,000 in non-recourse acquisition bridge financing for a two-property value-added multifamily portfolio in Gardena, CA. The two 1960’s vintage properties had significant deferred maintenance and below market rents. The Sponsor’s business plan was to reposition the Property and release the units at market rents. Maximum proceeds, despite a tight debt yield, and non-recourse were priorities.

    George Smith Partners sourced a lender familiar with the market and willing to size the loan to a 7.5% debt yield, which resulted in 80%LTC. The loan, which offers an attractive parri-passu funding structure, includes future funding for a full gut renovation of unit interiors and an exterior upgrade. The three-year bridge loan is interest only and carries a fixed interest rate of 6.90%. Interest is not charged on the holdback until funds are drawn. The lender fee was limited to a 1.00% origination fee with no exit fee. The Lender did not charge a legal fee and closed the transaction in 30 days from term sheet execution.

    Rate: 6.90%
    Term: 3 Years
    Amortization: Interest only
    LTC: 80%, including future funding
    Guarantee: Non-Recourse
    Lender Fee: 1% in / no exit fee
    Prepayment Penalty: 12-month interest guarantee

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