Transaction Description:
George Smith Partners secured $5,060,000 of non-recourse acquisition debt for the purchase of a 19-unit multifamily property in Los Angeles. The loan has interest only payments at a fixed rate of 3.92% for the first 5 years, before switching to a 30-year amortization. The lender provided non-recourse execution and a short prepayment penalty structure.

The property is located in a prime Los Angeles location, but low tenant turnover had resulted in one third of the tenants paying less than 50% of market rent. As a result, the property was income constrained. Many lenders stressed their cash flow at a rate higher than their current note rate, resulting in limited proceeds. The seller had upgraded several units and classified the cost as an operating expense on historical P&Ls. The property had a minor deferred maintenance issue that created some uncertainty during the appraisal inspection.

GSP identified a Capital Provider that sized their proceeds at the actual note rate, rather than a stressed underwriting rate. The selected lender was also able to underwrite down to a 1.15 DCR, compared to the 1.20 constraint offered by other institutional providers. This resulted in considerably higher proceeds. Invoices were obtained for the unit upgrades which allowed the exact amount of capital expenditures to be deducted from operating expenses. It was confirmed that the deferred maintenance issue was disclosed to potential buyers during the bidding process, thus establishing that the sale price was inclusive of the cost of the repair.

Rate: 3.92% fixed for 5 years; floating at 6 month LIBOR + 2.25%
Term: 30 years
Amortization: 30 years
LTC: 65%
Interest Only: 5 years
Prepayment Penalty: 3, 1
Origination Fees: Par
Guarantee: Non-Recourse