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$13,300,000 (total proceeds) Revolver Loan Placement for the Construction of a Pre-Sold 66-Unit Single Family Community for Rent; Montgomery, Texas

Rate: 8.00% Over Libor
Term: 18 Months
Amortization: Interest-Only
LTC: 80%
Guaranty: Non-Recourse

Transaction Description

George Smith Partners successfully placed a revolving loan with a maximum line of credit of $6,900,000 (80% LTC) and total projected debt proceeds of $13,300,000 for the construction of 66 single family homes for rent in Montgomery, Texas. The loan is a floating rate of LIBOR plus 800 bps with a floor of 25bps and has an 18-month term with two, 3-month extension options. The Sponsors found a partner to acquire the homes at Certificate of Occupancy with a portion of the deposit on the sale to be released to the Sponsors as additional equity to help acquire the land. GSP leveraged its extensive expertise in the single-family rental sector to source revolving debt options that minimized the equity upfront and allowed the Sponsors to take down the entire Project without the need for an equity investor. This is one of the first of many built-for-rent transactions for the local Houston sponsors who have a strong track record in homebuilding.


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