$16,250,000 Ground-Up Construction Loan Fixed for Seven Years at 4.0%

Rate: 4.0% fixed
Term: Ten Years Fixed for Seven Years
Amortization: IO During Construction; 27.5 Years thereafter
Loan to Cost: 75%
Prepayment: 2,2,1,1
Loan Fee: 1.0%
Guaranty: Recourse

George Smith Partners facilitated the seven-year fixed-rate construction loan for the ground-up development of 60 Los Angeles “For Rent” housing units.  As part of this capitalization, GSP placed the land acquisition debt in 2015.  Sized to 75% of actual development costs, this institutional capital provider will fund all draw requests at the 4.0% rate that was locked at application.  Interest is paid as drawn; there is no negative arbitrage.  The ten-year term negates the need to process a mini-perm upon Certificate of Occupancy and removes future interest rate risk.  The recourse loan is fixed for seven years at 4.0% and floats at 275 over LIBOR for the remainder of the ten-year term.  Prepayment steps down; 2,2,1,1 open.


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    $13,000,000 Los Angeles Ground-Up 59 Unit Multifamily Construction w/ Take-Out Fixed @ 3.20% at Commitment

    March 22, 2017

    Transaction Description

    George Smith Partners successfully structured the ground-up construction debt for a mixed-use 59 unit multifamily Los Angeles rental project that will include 2,000 square feet of ground floor retail. GSP identified a regional construction lender with a very unique construction & permanent loan in one package; the first five years are fixed @ 3.20%, inclusive of the construction phase. Interest is only paid on funds as drawn; there is no negative arbitrage for this fixed rate construction loan. The ten year term was sized to 63% of actual cost and Phase 1 of the loan will be interest only funded through a reserve until stabilized, which is estimated to be 30 months from ground-breaking. Upon lease-up, the loan automatically converts (Phase 2) to a mini-perm for the remainder of the five year at the same fixed rate at 3.20%, amortized over 27.5 years. Upon expiration of the initial five year term, the loan will float at 250 basis points over LIBOR for the remainder of the ten year term. Repayment guarantees burn down to 50% of the outstanding loan balance upon Certificate of Occupancy and drops to zero after the second year of stabilization. There are no additional fees or resizing tests at loan conversion from construction to mini-perm. Prepayment steps down: 2/2/1/1, with no prepayment penalty after the fourth year.


    Rate: 5 Years Fixed @ 3.20%; then LIBOR+2.50%:
    Term: 120 Months (Construction & Perm)
    Lender Fee: 1%
    LTC: 63.0%
    Prepayment Penalty: 2,2,1,1,open
    Recourse: Burning down to 50% at C of O and zero after the 2nd year

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    $8,800,000 Partial Recourse Ground-Up Apartment Construction Financing to 65% of Cost

    June 22, 2016

    Transaction Description: George Smith Partners successfully structured and placed the ground-up construction financing for a Class-A, 24-unit market rate apartment complex adjacent to a prestigious Southern California University. Designed to fulfill demand for non-student, Class-A residential product, the development is a loft-style design consisting entirely of 2 bedroom/2 bathroom units. The 65% of cost loan is priced at PRIME + 1.00% with the seven year term structured as a two year construction period converting to a five year mini-perm fixed at 4.75%. Pre-payable at any time, this loan provides full flexibility to the Sponsor while protecting against maturity default. Top 25% initial recourse becomes non-recourse upon achieving a minimum debt service coverage ratio.

    Challenge: Although the surrounding residential market is extremely strong, the majority of adjacent product is student housing with a very limited amount of comparable market rate product. There is negligible sales velocity to provide new product comparables and the lender/appraiser was required to look outside the immediate market area to support values.

    Solution: George Smith Partners identified a lender active in the greater market area and comfortable with the location and underwritten assumptions. Significant market research was conducted to support demand for market rate apartments and achievable market rents. The demographic study and asset design ultimately supported initial underwritten assumptions. The Sponsor’s market and product experience provided our capital provider with additional comfort.

    Rate: PRIME + 1.00% w/4.75% Floor
    Term: 7 Year Term: 2 Year Construction Period with 5-Year Mini Perm
    Prepayment: Open Prepayment
    LTC: 65.0%
    Recourse: Top 25% w/Burn-Down to Non-Recourse

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    $38,500,000 Acquisition of 164 Newly Constructed Multifamily Townhome Units in Oxnard, California

    April 23, 2015

    Transaction Description: Gary E. Mozer, Katie H. Rodd, Michael Anderson and Kyle Howerton arranged $38,500,000 in 10 year on-book non-recourse acquisition financing from a national life insurance company on a 164-unit Class A multifamily property in Ventura County, Southern California. The subject is part of a masterplanned community with a complicated HOA structure. The newly constructed property was built in two phases and was in lease-up during the closing process. Sized to 70% of acquisition, the loan is priced at 185 basis points over the 10-year Treasury and locked at 3.90% at application execution, eliminating interest rate fluctuation during the closing process even though the property had not yet reached stabilized occupancy. Five years of Interest Only payments maximizes the Sponsor’s cash flow during the initial hold period but still provides the lender with acceptable balloon balance at the end of the term.

    Rate: 3.90%
    Term: 10 Years
    Amort: 5 Years Interest Only; Amortizing Thereafter
    LTC: 70%
    Prepayment: 5 Year Lockout, then Yield Maintenance
    Lender Fee: Par